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Branding Video

This project was a total joy to work on. is reenvisioning the way we use public space, using donations by the people to replace billboard advertisements with positive messaging. They're taking back our cities one billboard at a time.


When this Los Angeles-based nonprofit approached us for video concepts, we had plenty of material to pull from simply in the power of the initiative itself. Shooting in locations across the country, we talked to real artists about the way in which they experience the spaces around them: what they love about their cities, what moves them, where they find beauty, and how the way we use our public spaces has the power promote greater well-being. The resulting videos are the culmination of these artists' inspirational stories.



Production Company: Mad Machine Films 

Directed by: David Jakubovic

Director of Photography: Tony Ditata

Edited by: Susan Kim

Starring: Guoxian Li

Music: Daniel Jakubovic

Graphics: Adam Stroncone



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