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Feature Film


The Forest Is Red tells the tale of Nathan, who writes strange poems, buries jam in the park and converses with the voices--voices that fight for his attention and demand his subordination. On his daily, semi-hypnotic journeys through an alienating, colorless city, he searches for companionship and happiness. This surreal, magical and philosophically charged tale examines the life of an outcast as he struggles to blend into a world where everyone searches for their own uniqueness.


Production Company: Mad Machine Films

Written, Directed and Edited by: David Jakubovic

Director of Photography: John Schmidt

Music by: Jaroslav Jakubovic

Songs by: Daniel Jakubovic

Costumes by: Tal Peer and Roy Fire
Starring: Devin Harjes, Nicole Sudhaus, Kathy Deitch, Dora Sacer, Omer Barnea, Kara Addington, Afton Boggiano, Virginia Robinson, David Austin
Producers: David Jakubovic, Nicole Sudhaus, Olivia Bosek



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